Add More Greens to Your Diet Without Really Trying!

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Have you resolved to add more whole, minimally processed, greens to your daily diet?

If you have, you probably already know the many benefits of doing so including improving overall health, vitality, and energy, and minimizing susceptibility to disease and discomfort.

What you may not know, is how to do it without really trying.

I have for you today, 3 Ways to Eat Your Greens Without Really Trying!

  1. Do a green smoothie as a meal replacement. Nothing easier than tossing some veggies, fruit, and herbs in a blender. Prepare the night before and freeze for convenience.
  2. Eat a green salad, steamed or lightly cooked veggies with each meal. Consider giving them equal or greater “plate space” than the other food you eat.
  3. If you must snack, consider using a mild leafy green like romaine lettuce as a wrap and toss in your fruit of choice. Consider berries, bananas, or all three! Want something a little more grounding and heavy? No problem! Spread some nut butter, or slice avocado on your lettuce and add some sprouts and diced veggies instead of the fruit. Hummus would give your wrap a flavorful kick. The possibilities are endless!

Adding more greens and still feel blue or have pain and fatigue?

You may have nutritional imbalances (deficiencies or excesses). Consider doing a self-diagnostic test or have a clinical test done.

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