Are you sabotaging your health?

This article resonates with me. In my younger years when I relied more on information and less on intuition, I too was a healthy living/healthy eating “fad chaser”. With little or no regard for how my body, mind, and spirit was REALLY being impacted, I tried everything to reach whatever version of ideal I had at the time. Three “rules” that have served me well when it comes to healthy living: 1. Take a good, better, best’s not all or nothing. 2. Don’t be dogmatic about anything. If something you are doing is deemed healthy by the masses, but doesn’t work for you, let it go. 3. Remain kind, compassionate, and loving to yourself on your path to balanced health and balanced living. Resist the urge to judge yourself (or others for that matter).

I’m going to take a “deeper dive” on this subject in a three-part series in my upcoming weekly newsletters.  Stay tuned!

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