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Balanced Health: It’s not just what you eat!

One of the ways I promote good health to clients, friends, and family members is to encourage them to maximize their intake of clean, fresh, nutrient dense plant-based food and to minimize their intake of toxic food and “food-like” substances. This is a great start, but it simply is not enough to ensure balanced health. Toxins from all sources must be addressed. Having suffered from asthma throughout my childhood and as a young adult, I can tell you from my own experience, that chemical and toxin sensitivity exacerbated my condition.

Toxins are all around us!

In addition to toxins in your food, your body is constantly being bombarded with toxins from chemicals you put on your skin and hair in the form of your favorite personal care products, and the use of every day household products among other ways.

Why should you care?

Excessive toxin exposure can and will wreak havoc on your adrenals, causing fatigue and ultimately burnout of this stress response gland. (Toxins trigger a stress response). Many systems and functions of the body can be negatively impacted by adrenal dysfunction including digestion, cardiovascular, and liver detoxification.

You can achieve balanced health in a toxic world!

Donna Kasuska of Chem Conscious, Inc. is one of the experts I’ve interviewed for the FREE Your Life In Balance online event I’m hosting. She’s providing strategies, information, AND a FREE book to help you cost effectively identify and remove toxins from your environment. Not to worry… she’s also sharing non-toxic recommendations to replace every day household and common personal care products!

You don’t want to miss this enlightening interview from a leading expert! Her interview aired on May 2nd and will be available only until 6:00 am EST May 4th.  There’s still time to enjoy it!  CLICK HERE to register.

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