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Are you open to new ideas about happiness and health?

I hope you said, “YES” because you know how passionate I am about health and wellness and want to make sure you are constantly inspired and educated to make the best possible choices each day.

That’s why I hope you join me at the 2015 Be Happy and Healthy Now Online Event. I’m being interviewed along with 20 other top health and happiness experts to give you the most relevant and inspired information. You will also get the Bonus Exclusive Download: “The 20-20 Guide to Be Happy and Healthy Now: 20 Recipes & 20 Tips From Top Health & Happiness Experts.” Awesome, right?

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There’s one more one-of-a-kind event you don’t want to miss! Read on….

My dear friend and colleague, Dr. Susan Erika Argeres, host and creator of The Dog & Cat World Summit 2015, is hosting this FREE on-line event with 35 experts offering alternative AND traditional tips for happy and well dogs and cats.

THAT’S NOT ALL! She’s also offering bonus interviews of health and wellness experts for dog and cat human parents/guardians to help them be well and happy too! I’m honored to be among the experts interviewed.

In addition to tips and information, she is offering generous gifts too! Join me and thousands of people who have already saved their seats for this unique event!

Click HERE to register now for what is sure to be a “pawsitive” experience.  😉

To your health and happiness,

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