Are you REALLY eating gluten-free?


Almost all of us socialize around food. But if you are sensitive to gluten or striving to avoid it to improve your digestion and your overall health, eating out can be especially challenging. Have I got good news for you! You CAN have a social life without compromising your heath. Here’s how:

Dr. Tom O’Bryan, of TheDr.Com is a trusted resource for gluten-sensitivity and celiac disease and offers the following Top 6 questions and tips when dining out to to keep yourself healthy while also enjoying eating out and socializing.

1. What is in your salad dressing? Seems safe, but be wary. Salad dressings, french fries, soy sauce, sushi rice, soups because there may be gluten added to all of these.

2. Do you have Gluten Free soy sauce? If they do, make sure to ask them to bring it to you in its original package. If they don’t, I’d suggest sending it back.

3. Do you serve gluten free alcohol? When out for a social occasion remember that not all rums are made equal and neither are all wines. Do your research in advance and ensure that you ask for the brands of alcohol you know are safe for you.

4. Is your brown rice, corn tortilla, or any grain you think is safe, gluten free? Ask your waiter or the manager if you can see the actual package the product came in to ensure that there are no hidden sources of gluten.

5. Are you familiar with what ingredients do and don’t have gluten in them? If your server is not knowledgeable enough to give you a high degree of confidence, don’t be shy. Ask to speak to a manger so you can get the answers you need. You’d be amazed how open and thankful the staff usually are to the opportunity to learn so that they can more helpful to their next patron with a gluten sensitivity.

Extra Tip: When you are at a Certified Gluten Free Restaurant, they may use ingredients that still cause your GI disruption for some people, like Potato Starch. So be sure to ask exactly what they use if you know you have an issue with any ingredient that may be “Hidden.”


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