Can We Make Healthy Any Harder?

Whole plant food preparation can be simple, delicious and nutritious!

Like most folks trying to transition from the standard American diet to something better, I wasn’t a confident cook and I was definitely not familiar with complex recipes. Plus, I just wasn’t motivated to prepare food that’s complicated.

Most people pop things in the microwave or throw a can or box of something on the stove or in the oven.

When I began transitioning to eating more whole plant food, I found the complex recipes challenging.

Even the so-called “simple” recipes had as many as 15 ingredients and/or required the use of a dehydrator and quite honestly felt heavy and did not digest well.

I think this is fine for special occasions, foodies who have the time, or extremely motivated people who are able to plan their meals.  However, for “normal”  folk, it’s not sustainable on an everyday basis.

After I went to a culinary arts school specializing in living and raw vegan food preparation,  I realized with proper flavor balancing and using the freshest ingredients (especially herbs), you don’t need a lot of extra stuff in healthy cuisine.






I tell my clients up front that when they stick with the basics, and prepare flavorful food with 5 ingredients or less, they’ll find that moving to a healthier lifestyle is the pleasure that it ought to be – not the second job that it can otherwise feel like!

In my class “Basics:  Soups, Salads, Sauces, Sides, and Smoothies, ” the recipes average 5 ingredients that take only minutes to prepare.

No 47-ingredient gumbo recipes that take hours to prepare! All of the flavor with none of the fuss.

I apply my “Take 5” principles to desserts and snacks too.  Minimal exotic or “superfood” ingredients like pricy goji berries here – you keep the cost down, enjoy just-picked and local ingredients as often as possible – and increase the nutritional value, too.

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