Do This One Simple Thing To Boost Nutrition From the Food We Eat!

Are you getting the most nutrition from the food you eat?

You may be eating great food, but not getting great nutrition from the food. How is that possible? Poor digestion is the culprit! Digestion starts in the mouth, but many of us overlook how chewing our food (or lack thereof) impacts our health. Enzymes that break down carbohoydrates and fats (to a lesser extent) are produced in the mouth through the simple yet undervalued act of chewing.

Many of you may be thinking that you chew your food, but the simple truth is many people just “inhale their food”…one or two bites and swallow, not allowing enough time to release those nutrition enhancing enzymes.

For many years, I compromised the digestion and assimilation of my food by simply not chewing well enough. I was eating all of this nutritious food, but not getting sufficient nutrients into my cells. I discovered there is an art to chewing when I took a gastronomy class from a leading expert in digestive health who promoted developing sold chewing habits, even for eating liquids! I want to share with you what I learned.

Do this one simple thing to boost nutrition from the food you eat.

One helpful and effective way to enhance chewing is to simply put your utensil down between bites. Don’t pick it up again until your food has turned to pulp. Eating “finger foods” that require no utensils? Same theory as with the utensils, put the food down between bites. Count how many times you are chewing your food. Ideally you want to get up to 100 chews, but a minimum of 25.

I found it beneficial to develop this good habit by practicing initially in an environment in which I had control (time, atmosphere). Consider doing it at home, preferably when you are alone and free of distractions.

Get your chew on!

Once you have developed this awesome habit of proper chewing at home, you may find it challenging to incorporate good chewing habits for social and work place settings so that you don’t feel awkward or out of place or more importantly rushed. I”m happy to share my secrets with you for various scenarios. Just reach out to me!

Is your health in balance?

You may have some nutrient imbalances as a result of poor digestion and assimilation from not chewing your food.

Schedule a FREE 20 minute “Is Your Health in Balance? consultation to receive a FREE nutrient self-diagnostic assessment. The assessment reflects typical signs of imbalances for a variety of nutrients. We can chat about the results and I can provide you with some basic guidelines and tips to restore balance. No pressure; no obligation…just some awesome information to help you on your journey to good health!

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  1. Alistaire Moore
    April 17, 2019

    How can I make an appointment to meet with you for one of the lower cost longer sessions you talked about today?

    1. April 18, 2019

      Hi Alistaire,
      It was a pleasure meeting with you at Smile Herb Shop on April 17. I have added you to my schedule/contact list, and will be reaching out to you shortly with information based on our conversation.

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