Strategies to Boost Your Brain Function and Improve Your Vision


Are you interested in improving your vision while also balancing and boosting your brain function? Keep reading, you won’t be disappointed!

The Brain/Vision Connection

The eyes are a part of the brain. Generally, if you have left and right brain imbalances, your vision is also impacted. The right brain is the “heart” of the brain and responsible for creativity. The left brain is the “engineer” of the brain, responsible for executing the desires of the heart or right brain. We live in a left brained dominate society, so many of you may have imbalances resulting in less than ideal vision or brain function.

My Story

For the past several weeks, I have been doing some awesome training and work on projects to provide you with some cutting edge, life changing tools to help you balance your health and balance your life. In spite of my passion and excitement, I found I was doing and focusing on a lot of left-brain activities that left me uninspired at times and my normally good vision compromised. The eyes are an integral part of the brain. Among other things, vision problems can be traced to brain imbalances and vice versa. I was having more issues with near-sightedness which often is a manifestation of left-brained emphasis or distress for me.

Three Basic Strategies To Improve Brain and Vision Balance and Function

BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER! Take a short break (15 minutes) every two hours. For more demanding work on the computer stop every 15 minutes to look up and away from the computer to focus on a distant object. This simple act will enhance your vision and performance…I promise!

I set a reminder alert on my phone or computer.

RELAXED EYES SEE BETTER! I use a technique called palming where I close my eyes and cup my palms over each eye with the base of my hands resting softly on each cheek. I also do some visualization and affirmations to enhance relaxation and creativity. It’s important to do this correctly to yield the desired results.

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GET THE RIGHT AND LEFT BRAIN TO PLAY NICE! I incorporate more right brain activities including listening to classical music while working, practicing yoga, taking walks in nature, and taking time to just have FUN. One unexpected opportunity for me to have fun last week, was an invitation to participate in a radio talk show where I had the chance to answer calls from listeners about healthy living. No preparation or left-brain activity required! It was a free flowing and right brain activity.

Fun fact: Generally, left-brain dominant people see up close clearly and right-brain dominant people see in the distance clearly. Look at the picture to see some other characteristics of the left brain and the right brain.

Many vision problems can be resolved using natural techniques including diet and complementary lifestyle changes. Are you having vision problems? I’m happy to offer guidance. Let’s chat!

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  1. Florence
    June 26, 2016

    I would like some ideas on how to improve vision brain connection after brain injury I am able to travel to a particular location for this help. I have clear vision and 20.20 vision but my eyes are not working together. I have an in ward turn in one eye that is just significant to operate on by adjusting the muscle. But it’s the nerve that is not working properly. Any recommendations ?? Doctors, diet, exercises. I am 5’8″ previous marathoner, female, and 55.

    1. June 15, 2017

      I’m sorry to hear that Florence. Feel free to schedule a free consultation with me to discuss it.

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