Going Vegan


The  “Going Vegan” Program is a 28 day program  designed for the person who is ready to minimize or even diminish reliance on animals and animal products and increase consumption of whole plant based food.

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Your “Going Vegan”  28-Day transition materials includes the following exclusive guides, resources, and references for your success:

  1.  Welcome Letter
  2. Going Vegan-Live Better FaceBook Support
  3. Going Vegan FAQs
  4.  28-Day Vegan Recipe Guide
  5. Suggested Meals And Vegan Shopping Lists
  6. 40 Snacks On The Go
  7. “Should I Supplement On This Program?” reference
  8. Top Vegan Protein Sources
  9. Vegetable Cooking Methods
  10. Food Diary
  11. Bonus:  Five Vital Steps To Optimal Health
  12. Bonus:  Nine Smoothies That Will Change Your Life

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